Alan Herdman


I have been teaching Pilates in the UK for over 30 years and I reckon I have one of the most satisfying jobs in the world. It's a constant joy to show people how, with a little hard work, they can achieve results they never dreamed possible.

The truth is that Pilates can really change your body. Clients who have been plagued with back problems for years learn to strengthen weak muscles, correct their posture and avoid any recurrence of pain. Pregnant women come to the studio to keep their muscles toned and joints supple and they find it much easier to regain their figures after childbirth. Elderly people who perhaps haven't exercised for 50 years achieve a degree of flexibility they hadn't enjoyed since their twenties. I work with all ages, from 12 through to 90, with clients who have suffered strokes and serious injuries, as well as professional actors and dancers, and TV stars who want to keep in trim for the cameras.

During his lifetime Joseph Pilates, the inventor of the system, was always refining his exercises and at his death in 1967, his work wasn't finished. Over the years I have continued to develop his exercises to suit the problems people bring to me in the studio and to cope with the specific problems of modern life.

This is not just another exercise system, or a method of 'getting fit'. Once you understand the Pilates philosophies, I personally guarantee that you will carry yourself differently for the rest of your life.

Alan Herdman


A series of workshops for teachers of Pilates (and student teachers) is running at Alan Herdman Pilates at Canary Wharf over 4 weekends in June and July 2013. Topics covered will include different approaches to matwork and the Reformer, as well as sessions focusing on scoliosis and Pilates for men.

What people say

"Without Pilates, my back was so bad that I would have had to retire from my profession." Claire, costume designer

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